Greenest village

We work from our office in the Netherlands, in Dwingeloo. The historic village green is beautifully situated in the countryside and is easily accessible from any direction. Dwingeloo was named the greenest village of Europe in 2012.

The great thing about Dwingeloo is the combination of nature, agriculture, high-tech and common sense.

Nature and agriculture

The area around Dwingeloo is characterized by its beautiful nature and agricultural character. You will find different ways of (sustainable) agriculture. In the nearby National Park “Dwingelderveld” agriculture, nature and water management come together. RMA's products fit in well with the agricultural character of Dwingeloo.

Common sense mindset

In Dwingeloo people are proud of nature, but also of the mentality of the fellow villagers: the common sense mindset. With our no-nonsense approach, RMA recognizes itself in this common sense mindset.

High tech

But Dwingeloo is not only the farmers village with beautiful landscapes and valuable nature. There is also an impressive radio telescope in Dwingeloo, with which even 2 galaxies have been discovered. In addition to RMA, there are several other companies that are involved in technology development.