Disease modelling

Disease modelling

Working with disease management

RMA disease management focuses on crop protection and efficient use of crop protection products. With the application of RMA disease management and agricultural weather stations, growers can intervene faster and with fewer resources to prevent damage to the crop, such as Phytophthora in potatoes.


A healthy crop is the basis for a good yield. That is why it is important to protect crops against diseases and pests, but for sustainability reasons and food quality with as little spraying as possible.

Precision agriculture

Growing with RMA disease management is a way of precision agriculture and ensures high, sustainable and profitable production. RMA's advice helps growers on a daily basis to make the right decision whether or not to spray. Instead of sometimes unnecessarily calendar sprays, growers spray based on accurate, current and local weather information. And, because no more pesticides are used than necessary, this is also better for the environment.