Irrigation management

Irrigation management

Working with irrigation management

RMA irrigation management uses soil moisture sensors to use water efficiently. The soil moisture sensors measure the daily water uptake from different soil layers. This information determines the right time to irrigate with the right amount of water.

Smart irrigation

Soil moisture is important for a good crop yield and good crop quality. A shortage of moisture can have major consequences for the yield. Too much moisture results in an increased leaching of nutrients. As we more often have to deal with extreme weather conditions, an irrigation advice system for smart irrigation can help growers.

Sustainable agriculture

Growing with RMA irrigation management ensures a high and profitable production. After all, irrigation is expensive and takes a lot of time. And as no more water is used than necessary, RMA irrigation management contributes to sustainable agriculture.

Irrigation advice

In addition to the readings from soil moisture sensors, RMA irrigation management uses other data such as satellite images, soil scans, climate data and weather forecast. RMA collects all this information to translate it into practical advice for irrigation. The irrigation advice helps growers make the right irrigation decisions every day. Irrigating too much, too soon or too late has become a thing from the past.