35 years expercience

35 years expercience

How it started

The use of technology and aids is as old as agriculture itself. The time a grower could estimate when and how much water to apply with a walk across his farm is a thing of the past. Nowadays, growers are increasingly relying on technology as the farms grow larger and the number of actions on the fields increases. Such as high-tech RMA sensors, developed by RMA founder and owner Peter Raatjes himself.

At the age of fifteen or sixteen I already knew what I wanted to do later: develop innovations for agriculture.

- Peter Raatjes.

With a degree in arable farming, software development and business economics at the Agricultural University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Institute in Groningen and his roots in the country side, Peter understands and speaks the language of agriculture. In his youth he could be found every free hour on the arable farm of his neighbor. When Peter was studying, IT was on the rise. He responded immediately and made software development part of his graduation thesis. After his studies, Peter was involved from the very beginning in the development and marketing of systems for disease management and water management in agriculture.

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Continuous development

With 35 years of experience in agriculture, we know what it takes for successful crop growth. But as an entrepreneurial company in sensor technology, we believe it is important to keep innovating in both product and market. We also continue to invest in knowledge for using sensor technology in practice. After all, just offering a sensor is not enough. In addition, tapping into new markets is important for growth. This may include water management in other areas like turf and green in addition to agriculture or market development in new countries where our solutions are applicable.

Workshops and presentations

We are happy to share our knowledge of sensor technology in agriculture. Upon request we can give interesting presentations about crop protection, sustainable agriculture, irrigation management, improving water quality or crop nutrition.