Our enthusiastic team consists of people who share our vision, ambition and positive energy. These are the persons behind RMA.

Peter Raatjes

Director Peter Raatjes is founder and owner of RMA. Peter studied at the Agricultural University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Institute in Groningen with and graduated on arable farming, software development and business economics. Since 1993, Peter has been involved in the development and marketing of Agri Yield Management systems for disease control and water management in agriculture. Over the years, Peter has gained experience in various disciplines. From drafting financial plans, programming and database management to training user groups, project management and business management. In 2001, Peter was running ad-interim an arable farm of 35 hectares in his free hours. Peter has a wide network of contacts in the agricultural sector as well as experience in marketing innovative products.

Rob ter Brake

Business development manager Rob ter Brake is responsible for the start-up of new projects with a focus on water management. Rob is a passionate specialist and has many years of experience in the water sector. He worked for 12 years at the Groot Salland Water Board and introduced systems for dynamic water level management based on online measurements and weather forecasts. After that, Rob worked at various companies, including OTT Hydromet Netherlands, where he developed and marketed systems for monitoring water levels, water flows and water quality.

Bas Hengst

As a field service engineer, Bas Hengst is responsible for the installation and maintenance of telemetry and sensor systems at our customers. Bas has insight into technology, likes to travel, is service-oriented, thinks in possibilities and is a real go-getter. In Australia, Bas came into contact with agriculture when he worked there at a melon farm. Bas worked for 2 years in South Africa as a product specialist for water quality sensors and data loggers after intensive internal training at Observator. Bas also has a lot of experience as an operator and technician at various production companies in Twente.

Wendy van Barneveld

In her role of coordinator business operations Wendy van Barneveld supports the team and is responsible for a smooth operation of the internal processes. Wendy studied facility management and then started at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. As the daughter of a farmer, her connection with agriculture served her well. After 20 years of various coordinating positions at the national government and managing a Customer Contact Center, the business community took off. Wendy is decisive and quality comes first. Her experiences in agriculture, facility management and customer contact are very applicable at RMA.