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Sensortechnology for Educational Farm Field

Students can conduct their own research and experiments as part of their agricultural study on the 15-hectare Educational Farm Field at the Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten.

Evaluation report soil moisture probes

Last year, Wageningen University and Aeres Hogeschool investigated the use and functioning of various soil moisture sensors on two sites in Wageningen and Dronten.

Innovation for water quality sensors

Online and continuous measurement of water quality is becoming increasingly important in our environment. This requires long-term stability of the sensor.

Precipitation monitoring for water board

RMA Hydromet recently received a nice order from waterboard Aa and Maas to supply 21 OTT Pluvio 2L precipitation meters with wind protection shield and heating.

Drip irrigation project in potatoes in Poland

Growing potatoes in Poland has been a major challenge in recent years. In 2020, RMA started the project “Scans-Sensors-Satellites for improved irrigation” in Poland.

High disease pressure Phytophthora

During the dry and warm summers of recent years, the fungal disease Phytophthora in potatoes was well controlled. Resulting in fewer outbreaks in the potato fields.

Potato Europe on 1-2 September (cancelled)

Update July 21: Potato Europe 2021 has been cancelled. Requesting access to the RMA dashboard for the measurements on the demo field is unfortunately no longer possible.

Dripwise improves irrigation planning

The DripsGewijs project develops, realizes and tests a field covering drip irrigation planner for potato and onion growers based on intelligent soil maps.

Vietnam Fruit Force off the starting blocks

A collaboration of Dutch companies, including RMA, has started the Quality Improvements Fruit Crops Vietnam project in Vietnam. Yara, Bayer and the Farmers Union are also participating.

The 2021 cultivation season starts dry

After a winter that was slightly wetter than average, the 2021 growing season will start with a drier period. Groundwater levels are falling rapidly in various areas.