Agri soil moisture sensor

Agri soil moisture sensor

High yield and low costs

The use of an agricultural soil moisture sensor ensures, through smart irrigation, a high yield and low costs. The robust and reliable RMA soil moisture sensor enables growers to make informed irrigation decisions based on facts. The soil moisture sensors work universally and are suitable for every crop. RMA has extended experience in crops such as potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, corn, flower bulbs and cereals.

High yield using RMA soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensor

The RMA soil moisture sensor consists of several parts: the data logger with power supply, the soil moisture sensor and optionally a raingauge.

4G and LoRa

The data logger sends the readings from the sensors via 4G or LoRa to the Cloud of RMA. 4G can be used worldwide with a SIM card supplied by RMA. A small solar panel charges the battery of the data logger. The data logger via the LoRa version works on a small battery that can be replaced annually. The LoRa version is currently only used in the Netherlands. Unlike 4G, the LoRa version does not store any data in the data logger. LoRa units store every measurement straight in the Cloud. The data logger has its own power supply and works completely autonomously.

Volumetric sensor

The soil moisture sensor from RMA is a volumetric sensor that measures the amount of water in the soil at every 10 cm depth. Volumetric sensors respond quickly and precisely. The sensor is supplied as standard in the 60 cm variant. The 6 measurements provide users with insight into the rooting depth of the crop and the infiltration depth of the irrigations applied. The stations can optionally be equipped with a suction type sensor. Suction type sensors related to the pF curve of the soil and indicate how strongly the water is held by soil particles.

Rain gauge for measuring precipitation

A raingauge is optional. RMA does recommend this because a raingauge measures exactly how much precipitation falls and how much water the irrigation system provides.

Agri soil moisture sensor