Weather Dwingeloo

Weather Dwingeloo

Weather forecast

RMA focuses on measuring various weather and soil parameters in agriculture. Weather conditions play an important role in agriculture. Growers depend on the weather. The performance of cultivation actions depends on, for example, local wind speed and the chances of precipitation. For making good work planning, growers must have a reliable local weather forecast and current measurements from local weather stations.

Current weather data Dwingeloo

For current weather data, there is a weather station and a soil moisture station at the office of RMA. The stations demonstrate how RMA's systems work in practice and at the same time indicate the current weather in Dwingeloo. The stations are robust. The technology used inside guarantees accurate measurements without deviations. This provides reliable data.

Measuring temperature and rain

The weather station at RMA provides accurate local weather measurements, such as temperature and rain in Dwingeloo. The weather station continuously measures temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, precipitation, air pressure, solar radiation, wind direction and speed. The data is used to calculate the evaporation of plants and the infection risk of diseases in a crop. A datalogger sends the data from the weather station via 4G to the Cloud of RMA. The current local weather conditions can then be viewed at a glance via for example a smartphone.

To irrigate or not?

The soil moisture sensor at RMA provides insight into the rooting depth of the plants and reads how wet the soil is. The soil moisture sensor continuously measures the amount of water and the temperature in the soil at 6 depths up to 60 cm deep. A datalogger sends the data via LoRa to the Cloud of RMA. After that, you can quickly see on a smartphone when and how much irrigation is needed. Especially since the climate is expected to become more extreme in the coming years and water will become scarce in warmer periods, this is a useful tool.